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Pyramids is a Gen-X growth partner, and expert in virtual hiring to facilitate businesses address their hiring woes. Delegate your team building and productivity stress for us.


It's not about us; it's all about your business's SUCCESS. It's about how we ensure your business goals are met, and how we supercharge your business. We have values, and a mission, but we are much focused on doubling your business profits, reducing your workload, building an anti-fragile team, and giving you clarity about everything that makes you stand out. Whatever the problem is stopping you from keeping up with the pace, whether there exist productivity challenges, IT infrastructure issues, you have less understanding of hiring the right talent, or you are dealing with attrition or misfit due to wrong hiring, our strategies for long-term growth never fails. A great business thrives in teams, and we love to do that. Implement our tactics to bulletproof your business and make a difference. And don't worry about the challenges.

This is our wonderful team

I am an Entrepreneur, Masters in Economics and Statistics . I am also the strategy and marketing person on the team. Through my extensive knowledge of statistics, I have developed advanced models and methodologies to analyse economic phenomena and generate reliable forecasts. My ability to translate complex economic concepts into actionable insights has made me an invaluable asset in shaping policies that foster economic growth and stability. With a rapidly changing world, there is a need of best ideas for businesses to continue reinventing themselves.

Ruma dey

I am a Successful Serial Entrepreneur with four different ventures, having 10 years experience in the Global Recruitment Industry. The reason behind launching Pyramids is to empower the businessmen to take correct actions in shaping their business so that they can walk confidently. My vision behind starting this is to introduce the businessmen with their capabilities so that they can grow their business exceptionally.



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